Give it a prestigious portrait of a contemporary Italian painter


To request a quote and / or order a portrait, fill out the form on this page, enclosing various photos of the people you want to portray.

scarlett johansson

Sandro Ferrucci – Scarlett Johansson’s portrait – oil on canvas 40×30 cm. – year 2017

For a better result, the perfect photo for a portrait should be large in good resolution and subjects should be well visible and focused. Attach several photos so you can choose the right photo together, while the others will be able to imagine the subject from other angles as well. In extreme cases where there are no other photos available to a loved one who is missing we will see if a solution can be found.

Sandro Ferrucci - ritratto di George Timothy Clooney - olio su tela 40x30 cm. - anno 2017

Sandro Ferrucci – portrait of George Timothy Clooney – oil on canvas 40×30 cm. – year 2017


  • Oil painting (colors) on wooden table or canvas
  • Graphite on paper (black and white)

PAYMENT: Down payment half price to start work and final balance, before shipment. The Work will be witnessed through the mailing of Photos of various Work In Progress (W.I.P.).


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